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Body Reshaping Therapy with Body Contour-30 minutes

250.00 lei



Duration: 30 minutes

The latest generation non-invasive Body Contour™ procedure contributes to obtaining a toned, much better contoured body and reducing the layer of fat as a result of strong muscle contractions, which cannot be achieved through voluntary contractions. Under the influence of strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to this condition, reacting with a deep reconstruction of its internal structure, thus generating the development of muscle mass and body sculpting. At the same time, the extreme muscle contraction 100% of Body Contour™ technology can break down a large amount of fat, which is eliminated by the body's normal metabolism in a few weeks. Body Contour™ therapy can strengthen and develop muscles, while reducing fat, and is indispensable (along with a healthy lifestyle) on the journey to shaping an enviable figure.

Treatment effects:

  • reduction of the adipose layer with 20%
  • the average loss of 4 cm at waist level
  • a metabolism up to 5 times faster
  • the average layer of abdominal fat decreases by 11%
  • muscle mass increases by 17%
  • lifting effect for gluteal muscles