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Master Detox

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SPECIAL OFFER! Choose a DETOX program of at least 5 days and receive 2 MORE GIFT DAYS. *The offer is valid for reservations and appointments made between 21.05-20.06.2024



🍃Nature provides us with all the nutrients we need for o complete detoxification. However, it depends on us how we select them and introduce them into our body.

The program's recipes include all the nutrients you will need. During the program Master Detox only fresh fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable soup, alkaline water and herbal teas are consumed. The juices provide the necessary nutrients for the liver detoxification phases. Juices will be served at regular intervals along with probiotics and other food supplements (minerals, fibers, protein powder).

In addition to the juices served, you should drink a lot of water (alkaline with pH 9.5) to intensify the detoxification process by increasing the amount of toxins eliminated through the kidneys. It is recommended to consume it so that you urinate every hour. Since no new toxins will enter the body, the existing ones will be eliminated. You will get all the nutrients your body needs and you won't be hungry, even though you won't be eating solid food.

By abstaining from solid food, you will allow your body to relax and cleanse your intestines, blood and lymphatic system. In this program, the enema session is essential, helping to restore the intestinal flora and optimal cleaning of the colon.

Accesând MASTER DETOX, vei beneficia de o experiență completă de detoxifiere și energizare, în urma căreia vei elimina toxinele și vei reda organismului sănătate și energie.🍃

Juice serving time intervals for the Master Detox program:

08:00 – Shake

09:30 – Wheat juice and herbs

11:00 – Shake

12:30 – Wheat juice and herbs

14:00 – Shake

15:30 – Wheat juice and herbs

17:00 – Shake

18:30 – Green juice and electrolyte drink

20:00 – Shake

21:30 – Probiotics


3 reviews for Master Detox

  1. Mariana Popescu

    A fost primul program de detox la care am apelat iar rezultatele au fost extraordinare; energie mai multa, somn bun noaptea, ten frumos. In plus, s-a diminuat pofta de dulce!! Felicitari echipei Atasagon!!

  2. Anca

    M-a ajutat extraordinar de mult in reglarea digestiei si a somnului! Cu siguranta o sa revin anual!

  3. Petronela

    Am cunoscut un program extraordinar de detoxifiere; consiliere profesionista, totul personalizat, sucuri proaspete, exercitii fizice cu personal specializat, o zona superba de relaxare si refacere. Recomand!

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