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Our story

Everything started from the doctor's passion founder, Alina Spinean, Dr. specialist in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases. The combination of curiosity and the desire to try the experience of a renowned detox center led Alina to enroll in a detox program in Turkey. There she met her current husband, Muhammet Gurkan who was the manager of that center. Alina discovered on her own skin what benefits a detoxification program can have and realized how much we need this release of toxins that is often underestimated. 

Deeply motivated by the experience in Turkey, Alina decided together with her husband to open a detoxification center in Brașov, her hometown, the ideal place that invites you to choose body-mind-soul balance. 

Since 2015 the two assumed a responsible role to promote through service and education a healthy lifestyle, being dedicated to helping people improve their health and change their thinking about disease prevention and inner cleansing.

Atasagon, for 8 years, is the Best Detox & Wellbeing Center in Romania and laureate of the 2016 Excellence in Medicine, Innovation and Related Fields Gala and the "Complete Detox & Wellbeing Concept" Excellence Award offered by Dr. Oz. 

The Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing team continues to attract awards that recognize the undeniable merits of the services and mission they engage in with passion and dedication.


Making Health Your Habit


We believe in the power of example! Our mission is to inspire and encourage you to prioritize your health care every day. We want you to succeed in achieving body-mind-spirit balance.


Our vision is to help people achieve complete life balance by offering unique detox programs, signature treatments and therapies, as well as expert nutritional and medical advice.


Atasagon is the place where family, health and happiness come first. Through our services and treatments, we are dedicated to helping people improve their lifestyle and health so they can live in harmony and balance.

We have transformed over 7,000 lifestyles in our 8 years of activity. It's your turn to enjoy the health that Atasagon offers you.

Do you know the benefits of a detox program?

Why choose us?

The Greatest Wealth Is Health


Each of us is different. Our consultants know how to manage these differences so that you can enjoy the most suitable mix of programs and treatments for you.



We work with talented people who dedicate themselves every day to the process of informing and improving knowledge in the fields of medicine, spa, beauty, psychology and spirituality. We will always seek to bring you the best service.


We are constantly thinking about how to bring healthy lifestyle education and the benefits of detoxification to as many people as possible. The passion for prevention and healing as well as the community we belong to are the pillars of our professional ethos.


Each element of the Atasagon experience invites a return to oneself, a disconnection from the stressful elements of the environment and a return to origins. We help you (re)find yourself.



We see your being as a unified whole. All its mechanisms work together and are inter-dependent. We guide you to harmonize body, mind and spirit to enjoy a complete well-being experience.



We anticipate intuitively to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. During your stay with us, you will receive the care and guidance necessary to feel like family and want to come back.



The services, collaborators and products we offer are and will always be aligned with our mission. When you choose us, you can trust that we will welcome you with sincerity, transparency and professional ethics.



Nature is the raw material for all the nutrition programs we have designed to nourish your body, mind and soul. We work in parallel with all the elements of a balanced life to optimize it.

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