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Pay 5, Get 7

Personalized detox programs for guaranteed results!

The offer is valid until December 15!

Choose your favorite detox program from the three:
💚Master Detox
💚Alkaline Green Detox
💚Raw Food Detox 

And you get extra like this:

💥For 5 reserved days you will benefit from 7 days of detox

💥After 10 days reserved for detox, you get 4 more days FREE OF CHARGE

💥If you choose 15 days of detox, you get 21 days of detox!

Detoxification helps to lose weight faster, adjusts the biological clock so that the days are full of energy and the nights are restful. 

A detox is an unblocking in the body.

A day of pampering

Give yourself and your loved ones a gift!

The voucher is valid for 6 months from the moment of purchase

How can you treat yourself to a day at Atasagon?

We prepare:

  • A smoothie box (5 smoothies + 1 almond milk) – so that you don't lack energy the whole day ⚡
  • A Turkish bath – for more than a relaxation and beautification treatment 
  • A relaxing massage 50 min – to help you disconnect from all your worries ♀️ 💆
  • Access to physical activity (yoga/ weight-lifting and walking in nature) – because health is part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Wet and infrared sauna access – to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure

Happy Hour

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What does that mean?

You have 30% discount for the following:

  • SPA
  • Aesthetics&Beauty

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*Before purchasing any service from categories "Spa” and "Aesthetics&Beauty", please complete the form above and wait for us to contact you, in order to have the 30% discount.

Couples Immunity

The offer is valid: 01.04.2023-31.05.2023

During the period when there are sudden changes in temperature, you need vitaminization to prevent the decrease of the immune system.
The body does not produce vitamin C (ascorbic acid), but we need it for the immune system, bone structure, iron absorption and healthy skin.
Why choose IV? This therapy is one of the fastest and most effective ways of administering vitamin C, avoiding the digestive system as well as the liver. Thus, the necessary plasma concentration is quickly reached and the intended therapeutic effect is obtained.
Packages include:
"Package with 2 therapies with vitamin C", at the price of 425 lei, instead of 500 lei.
"Complex with vitamins B1, B6, B12 + vitamin C" at the price of 600 lei, instead of 700 lei.
*By couple we mean a group of 2 people who perform the treatments together.