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Why a program of DETOXIFICATION of the body?

Toxins come from almost everywhere, from the air we breathe, from the water we drink, from the food we eat to the cosmetics we use.

And so we end up facing symptoms like: chronic fatigue, mental confusion, a high cholesterol level, fatty liver, glycemic disorders, allergies, digestive problems, scars or acne formations on the skin. 

Detox it is a tool that anyone can use to restore, balance and heal.

Since it was created with the needs of busy people in mind, Detox it is a simple and practical plan of detoxification that fits perfectly into everyday life, without requiring you to interrupt the normal course of life.

Atasagon Detoxification Clinic in Brașov

Why choose us?

The Greatest Wealth Is Health

We have transformed over 7000 lifestyles in our 8 years of activity

We have unique detox programs, treatments, signature therapies, nutritional and medical counseling.

Nationally recognized for our unique detox programs

We obtained the Excellence Award "Complete Detox & Wellbeing Concept" offered by Dr. Oz and for 7 years we have been the Best Detox & Wellbeing Center in Romania.

We continuously promote and educate about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve body-mind-spirit balance.

Our clients

Testimonials from famous people

Our recognized signature formulas!

Master Detox, Alkaline Green Detox and Raw Food Detox

Each formula offers a rest in the digestive activity, based on a cocktail of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that ensure the optimal intake of fibers, healthy carbohydrates, lipids and a minimum dose of proteins, nutrients necessary in the phases of liver detoxification.

Follow our colleague and find out which one suits you.

You are experiencing at least one of the following symptom?

It's hard not to answer yes to at least one or more of these questions. All of these can be symptoms of toxicity.

• Do you wake up tired in the morning, as if you haven't rested?
• Do you tend to sleep restlessly?
• Do you have headaches more often than occasionally?
• Do you tend to catch colds or catch viruses every year?
• Do you have stools that are not soft and are not easily removed?
• Do you get bloated after eating?
• Do you crave certain foods, especially excess sweets, starchy foods or dairy products?
• Have you gained a lot of weight in a short time and can't get rid of the pounds as easily as in the past?
• Do you have bad breath or body odor?
• Do you have swollen tissues on your face or body?
• Do you have allergies or allergic rhinitis?

• Do you have itchy skin, pimples or other bothersome dermatological conditions?
• Do you feel apathetic and tired?
• Do you take a medicine regularly every day?
• Do you drink coffee/alcoholic drinks/acidic drinks every day?
• You smoke?
• Do you eat processed, packaged foods with a shelf life of 3-6 months instead of foods with a shelf life of a few days by nature?
• Do you have relatives who have started to get sick and are you looking for ways to take better care of yourself?
• Your body has started to give alarm signals, do you have high cholesterol, fatty liver, blood sugar disorders or allergies?
• Do you want to live healthy until the last day of your life?


Detoxification programs help you take the step towards a healthy life and full of energy!

You can purchase a number unlimited of days purchasing detox, for you and your loved ones.

Our detox programs are tailored to each person's needs and goals!

Choose a DETOX program of at least 5 days and receive 2 MORE GIFT DAYS. *The offer is valid for reservations and appointments made between 21.05-20.06.2024

Choose the formula suitable for you from the three: Master Detox, Alkaline Green Detox or Raw Food Detox. If you don't know what to choose, contact us at Tel: 0746 407 070 and together we will find the right program for you.

At the bottom of the page we also have a frequently asked questions section.


Master Detox

Recommended minimum 7 days
LEI 535
  • Fresh vegetable/fruit juices and vegetable soups
  • Body analysis and interpretation with a specialist (at the beginning and end of the program)
  • Colon Cleansing Daily Treatment (Colema)
  • Detox Soup, Herbal Teas and Alkaline Water (Unlimited)
  • Seminars/workshops on various topics
  • Access to wet sauna, infrared sauna and chromotherapy shower
  • Relaxation areas and Library
  • Instructor-led physical activities, yoga and guided nature walks
  • Fitness room and Inversion Table
  • Evaluation of the results from a medical and nutritional point of view, following the detoxification process (if a minimum of 7 days is purchased)

Alkaline Green Detox

Recommended minimum 4 days
LEI 535
  • Alkaline herbal green juices and soups
  • Body analysis and interpretation with a specialist (at the beginning and end of the program)
  • Daily colon cleansing treatment (Colema) is NOT included
  • Detox Soup, Herbal Teas and Alkaline Water (Unlimited)
  • Seminars/workshops on various topics
  • Access to wet sauna, infrared sauna and chromotherapy shower
  • Relaxation areas and Library
  • Instructor-led physical activities, yoga and guided nature walks
  • Fitness room and Inversion Table
  • Evaluation of the results from a medical and nutritional point of view, following the detoxification process (if a minimum of 7 days is purchased)

Raw Food Detox

Recommended minimum 4 days
LEI 535
  • Raw vegetables, fresh/dried fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Body analysis and interpretation with a specialist (at the beginning and end of the program)
  • Daily colon cleansing treatment (Colema) is NOT included
  • Detox Soup, Herbal Teas and Alkaline Water (Unlimited)
  • Seminars/workshops on various topics
  • Access wet sauna, infrared sauna and chromotherapy shower various themes
  • Relaxation areas and Library
  • Instructor-led physical activities, yoga and guided nature walks
  • Fitness room and Inversion Table
  • Evaluation of the results from a medical and nutritional point of view, following the detoxification process (if a minimum of 7 days is purchased)

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What does a detox day look like?

We create a world that restores your natural state of well-being

In addition to detox programs, we provide a variety of therapies and medical treatments to support the detox process and provide you with an integrative, restorative and relaxing experience.


You will be warmly welcomed by our team who will introduce you to the center. Our detox assistants will perform the body analysis using the professional Tanita device.



Every day there will be Yoga, Easy Fitness or Weight-lifting classes that will energize your body, stimulate the elimination of toxins, improve your flexibility and relax your mind.


During this interval you will be able to enjoy time for yourself prepared in the relaxation areas, to rest both physically and mentally, you will have at your disposal the wet and infrared sauna and an entire library or you can choose to schedule a session of colema or to other Wellbeing therapies and treatments.


Everything is a choice, and your habits determine how much peace of mind you enjoy in your daily life. Through our presentations on nutrition, emotional development, essential oils and Kangen water, we want to bring you as close as possible all the information you need to take the first step towards change.


The relaxation continues and you can enjoy our Wellbeing therapies. Our assistants and therapists are always at your disposal. Do you feel like being pampered in a Turkish bath, experiencing a massage with volcanic stones or rather a refreshing and moisturizing facial?


The foothills of Tâmpei offer the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself for an hour in the fresh air, during which you can consciously connect with nature through your senses. The sounds of the forest, the aroma of the trees, the sunlight playing among the leaves, the fresh and clean air - these things will give you a feeling of comfort. They relieve your stress and worries, help you relax and think more clearly. 


Continue to enjoy all the center has to offer. Take a look at our product window, relax with a tea from our diverse range of Demmer teas or maybe even reconnect with your playful side by colouring.


You have completed the first day of detox. Pleasant rest!

What is included in a detox program?

Colon Cleansing Daily Treatment (Colema)
* Only included in the Master Detox formula
Body Analysis - Tanita x2
Medical Monitoring
Meeting with a nutritionist for analysis interpretation.
Relaxation areas
Guided walk in the forest
Wet and infrared sauna
Physical activity with an instructor
Fitness room
Presentations on various topics
Shower with chromotherapy

Our clients

The stages of detoxification

A detox experience should not be seen as a quick intervention and that's it, but as an integral part towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

These are the 4 steps you need to follow if you want sustainable results:


Pre-detox involves a preliminary stage of at least 3 days before starting the chosen detox program. During this period, foods that are difficult to digest or that cause allergies are eliminated.


MASTER DETOX, ALKALINE GREEN DETOX and RAW VEGAN DETOX are the three delicious formulas, prepared to take care of your health.


You have completed the first step towards a balanced lifestyle. It's time to gradually return to normal eating!


Each season gives us the opportunity to prepare our bodies and minds for the coming months, so regular seasonal cleansing is a necessary tool for maintaining healthy eating habits.

Frequent questions

Master Detox is the most recommended and most popular program. It has only liquid meals, being the only program that contains the colon cleansing procedure (Angel of Water) every day. A clean colon is essential for the proper functioning of the body and to keep it healthy. The Green Juice program also has only liquid meals, and due to the fact that there are only green juices in the program, they increase the oxygen content of the blood. The last type of program, Raw Food, combines nutritious raw food with fresh vegetable and fruit juices. It can help you get rid of excess fat while making it easier on your digestive system. Don't forget that getting out of the comfort zone leads to a search, and this search makes our life more beautiful. The detox program forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Regardless of which program you have chosen, you will be able to talk to our specialized team and we will guide you to the center upon arrival. All programs are the same price.

Choose one of the three detox programs. Think about the period when you can come to our center. We are waiting for you to communicate your data to us via the form, by phone or by e-mail. Our Detox Assistant team will contact you to confirm your availability, provide you with invoice details and additional information related to the form of payment and accommodation partners.

The Atasagon Detox&Wellbeing Center can recommend accommodation services, following partnerships concluded with local hotels. Please request the list of accommodation partners! our partner, Hotel Cedrus Boutique ***, awaits you with excellent accommodation conditions and special prices; to benefit from the special discount, enter the PROMO CODE: ATA2023 in the hotel's reservation system.

Gema Hotel*** it also offers you very good accommodation conditions at advantageous prices by virtue of the concluded partnership. Choose your preferred accommodation location and our team will check availability and confirm your booking at your desired location.

  • Access HERE Cedrus Boutique Hotel website.
  • Access HERE Gema Hotel website.

We would recommend that you follow a pre-detox type of diet a week beforehand if possible, and if not, at least 3-4 days before the start of the program. We can email you the pre-Detox information. Here's a summary: cut out tea, coffee, cola and alcohol and drink at least 3 liters of water a day before starting the program. During this period, drink a lot of infusions (less green tea) and as much fresh fruit/vegetable juice as possible. It can help you a lot if, in preparation for the detoxification process, you will follow a diet based on vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes, you will avoid any type of animal protein.

The detox program can be started any day of the week. The center's schedule is: 08.00 – 20.00 (LD).

Atasagon reception will provide a changing room, where you will find towels, bathrobe, disposable slippers, tissue for the Turkish bath. We recommend light clothing for meditation activities, nature walks and a bathing suit for the sauna area every day.

We invite you to read how a day unfolds in our center: click here.

It's normal to hesitate if you haven't tried the procedure before. It's a type of enema called a "colema," a cleansing procedure with water so simple that even a child can do it. You will perform this procedure as part of the Master Detox program for 30 minutes every day. You will do this self-cleansing with the help of an armchair-like instrument, which we call the "Water Angel". Our nurses optionally perform a more effective colon cleansing on the third or seventh day. We call this "colon hydrotherapy". Both purification methods will be explained to you in detail from day one. In addition to these, you will take daily probiotic supplements to restore your gut clock, and at the end of the program you will get rid of the residues accumulated over the years and have a better clock than you had at the beginning of the program. Guests who do not want to resort to colon cleansing can apply the Green Juice Detox or Raw Detox method instead. When you visit us on the training day, our detoxification experts, doctors and nurses, will answer all your questions on this topic.

With the exception of pregnant women or those who have undergone major internal organ surgery in the last three months, anyone can follow the Detox program. Young people under 18 can come with their parents and consult our team for an age-appropriate detox program. New mothers can follow the detoxification program only after they stop breastfeeding and the baby has started diversifying its food.

The schedule for the entire period is usually set on the first day together with our Detox Assistant team. The program is customized according to the wishes and needs of each guest. If you know exactly what you want to schedule to make your stay with us as efficient as possible, please let us know and we will take care of the appointments.

We recommend bringing a set of medical tests (general package and must be more recent than 2 months). Note that you can also harvest on the first day you arrive in the center. Blood tests will have an additional cost. For Ozone Therapy, it is necessary to have the tests for the thyroid gland.

It is said that during the detox week, women lose between 4-6 kg and men between 6-12 kg. It is important to understand that detox is not a weight loss program, but one of mental, spiritual and physical purification. Even if you are at an ideal weight, you can enroll in the same program. The purpose of the detox program is to remove the toxic accumulations gathered over the years that make us sick, to purify us and protect us from disease. If you are overweight, you will notice that during the detox week you can lose between 4-12 kilograms. To show you whether you're losing fat, water or muscle mass, we'll compare your measurements from the first and last day of the program with a body analysis tool. Doctors, nurses and the entire team at our center will explain in detail the philosophy of detoxification and the changes you will notice in your own body from the very first day of the program.

In the first year of detoxification, you can go through a complete body purification of 4 cures with a detox per season. If you want to lose a lot of weight, we recommend that you repeat the treatment within 3 months at most after the first detox program, in order to alkalize your body, normalize your blood pressure and keep you motivated. You can repeat the detox every 6 months after you have reached your ideal weight and changed your lifestyle, eating and living healthy. Listen to your own body!