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brasov spa center


Whether you choose an aromatherapy massage, a Thai massage, a scalp massage, a deep tissue massage or even reflexology, any massage session has the primary purpose of eliminating accumulated stress and tension. Restore your natural state of balance.


Massage package - 5 massage package - 10% discount/package, 10 massages - 20% discount.

Personalized massage packages are specially created to fulfill your every need or desire, with our specialists always close to you to offer you guidance and support in choosing the most suitable options for you.

The Turkish bath or hammam is a traditional purifying ceremony that detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, boosts the immune system, awakens the senses and calms the mind through deep exfoliation and cleansing. This ceremony takes place in a relaxing and authentic atmosphere, involving several processes: the scrub with the abrasive glove, the relaxing foam massage, the rinsing and the revitalization of the whole body.

It's time to celebrate yourself from head to toe with this transformative treatment inspired by ancient rituals!

Contraindications: blood pressure or heart problems, pacemaker, asthma, skin diseases, cancer, open wounds

We recommend a maximum of 10 minutes of wet sauna before the ritual and intense hydration.

brasov spa center