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Hydrocolon therapy

300.00 lei



H 45 – 75 min / 350 ron

Mental clarity, improved digestion, regulation of transit and avoidance of constipation, a boost of energy and a cleaner appearance of the skin are just some of the advantages that hydrocolonotherapy can bring to your body. Your body gives you so much, why not give it something back? Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective detoxification treatments, being a natural method of deep cleansing of the large intestine by means of purified water that will return the colon and the body to normal functioning. Choose to give your body an hour of cleansing and enjoy a long-lasting feeling of well-being in return. This treatment is performed in the presence of qualified medical personnel who will assist you and take care to provide you with all the information and recommendations you need.

Contraindications: Recent abdominal surgery / colonic diverticulosis / colon cancer / bleeding hemorrhoids / anal fissures.


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