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Str. Maciesului 2A, Brasov, Romania

Biolifting – 4 Sessions

540.00 lei



4 x 15 min / 540 ron (-10%)

Are you ready to improve your beauty routine? Beauty begins at the cellular level. Microcurrent therapy is a very popular anti-aging treatment and is used to diminish wrinkles, fine lines and improve the appearance of the skin. What makes this treatment so special? The device's biological microcurrent can replenish the skin's electrical energy to re-stimulate cell vitality to make your skin brighter and more elastic. Choose to take care of your skin!

Contraindications: chronic skin conditions (hematoma, erythema, pruritus, infections) / diabetes / heart conditions / history of vascular accidents / people undergoing anticoagulant treatment / pregnant and lactating women / people suffering from epilepsy and cancer / people with implants metal or metal braces.


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