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Premium Body Reshape – Package of 6 sessions of Body Contour therapy + Presso Symphony

2,160.00 lei



The "Premium Body Reshape" package combines the extraordinary toning and fat reduction effects offered by the innovative "Body Contour" procedure with the benefits of radiofrequency therapy; reducing cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin by activating new collagen fibers, the skin becoming smooth and revitalized. For optimal results, the package includes 6 BODY CONTOUR therapy sessions 30 min + 6 PRESSO SYMPHONY therapy sessions 40 min

By choosing the "Premium Body Reshape" Package you can enjoy multiple benefits:
🍃reduction of the adipose layer with 20%
🍃the average loss of 4 cm at waist level
🍃a metabolism up to 5 times faster
🍃the average layer of abdominal fat decreases by 11%
🍃muscle mass increases by 17%
🍃lifting effect for gluteal muscles

Contraindications: severe heart diseases, epilepsy, cancer, renal deficiencies, metal prostheses, pregnancy and breastfeeding.