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Str. Maciesului 2A, Brasov, Romania

Psychological counseling – 90 minutes

250.00 lei



90 min / 250 ron

When it comes to your physical health, you wouldn't think twice about seeing a doctor. But what about your mental health and emotional well-being? Looking for guidance on a difficult situation you are facing? We are with you! Psychological counseling is a form of intervention addressed to you if you are at an impasse in life, being one of the most useful tools for solving stressful problems in your life. You don't always have to show that you are strong, let us help you! The goals of psychological counseling are self-knowledge and discovery of one's own potential, personal development, self-acceptance and those around, and harmonizing relationships with others. Choose to capitalize on your inner resources in order to reconnect with the true and authentic "you".


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