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Colema (angel of water) – 10 Sessions

1,440.00 lei



Sometimes the care you take for yourself is the motivation you can give to others. So, choose to give your body the care it deserves and share your well-being with those around you. With the help of colema, the colon begins to function again in harmony with its nature, the body being completely detoxified and regenerated. How will you know it had an effect? You will immediately feel a state of relief both physically and mentally, an increased level of energy, but also brighter skin. To enjoy all these effects to the maximum and over a long period of time, it is essential to engage in activities and programs that support health (hydration, physical activities, balanced diets). Through it, achieving well-being by detoxifying the body has never been simpler and safer. Don't delay the amazing effects of Angel of Water!

Contraindications: cancer, hemorrhoids, anal fissures.


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