Therapies for body-soul harmony.


Whether you choose an aromatherapy massage, a Thai massage, a scalp massage, a deep tissue massage or even reflexology, any massage session has the primary goal of eliminating the accumulated stress and tension. Restore your natural state of balance.


45 minutes / 180 RON


The Middle East, Turkish bath or hammam is more than a relaxing and beautifying treatment, it is the house of the tradition of physical and spiritual purification in which exfoliation and deep cleansing detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, stimulates the immune system, awakens the senses and calms the mind. This ceremony takes place in a relaxing and authentic atmosphere created by the Turkish elements and involves several processes: scrub with abrasive glove, relaxing foam massage, rinsing and invigorating the whole body. It’s time to celebrate from head to toe with this transformative treatment inspired by ancient rituals!

Contraindications: problems with blood pressure or heart, pacemaker, asthma, skin diseases, cancer, open wounds

It is recommended a maximum of 10 minutes of wet sauna before the ritual and intense hydration.

60 minutes / 120 RON


Are you looking for a refuge just for you? Floating therapy is the solution. The meditative state offered by floating therapy rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit, being a unique way to experience healing by anchoring in the present moment. At birth, the human body contains about 75% water, so when you are in the water, you feel at home, safe and connected with everything around you. Thus, the calming effects and support of water become ways of access to inner peace and balance. Float effortlessly in the Epsom salt basin and leave behind everything you no longer need to enjoy that primordial well-being again.

50 minutes / 180 RON

75 minutes (massage the scalp, soles, palms and feet) / 240 RON


Did you know that the healing power is right inside you? Relaxation massage is more than a massage, it is a therapy that, performed correctly, can have healing effects for your body and mind. All you have to do is resist. We take care of the rest. The pleasant atmosphere, the relaxing music and the warm and calm approach of the therapists are the main elements that will give you a deep peace and a state of security and comfort from the moment you step into the room. The movements used in this type of massage have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and tension and will create the perfect environment in which to allow yourself to detach yourself from all the emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you to remain anchored in the experience of the moment. present. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Try it!

Contraindications: skin diseases, open wounds, spine surgery performed 3-6 months ago

50 minutes / 180 RON

75 minutes (massage the scalp, soles, palms and feet) / 240 RON


Do you know that a short 10-minute massage can have beneficial effects on blood pressure, anxiety, sleep and clarity of mind? Now imagine all the effects you can enjoy after a 50 or 75 minute session in which the power of essential oils are combined with that of message therapy. Aromatherapy is an excellent option for you if you want to enhance the experience of a massage, being the perfect way to experience the healing powers of plants used in essential oils. These oils act holistically, and when mixed, potentiate each other and increase and extend the benefits on the body. Therefore, the techniques and essential oils are combined depending on the condition you want to achieve. How do you want to feel today?

Contraindications: skin diseases, open wounds, spine surgery performed 3-6 months ago

75 minutes / 270 RON


Are you looking to regain your mental and emotional clarity? AromaTouch massage may be exactly what you need. The AromaTouch technique designed by DoTerra is a clinical approach to the application of essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral points of contact on the back, hands and soles of the feet. Medicinal plants from the essential oils used in this technique are specially chosen to induce the body and mind in a state of deep relaxation and to reactivate the self-healing function of the body. This massage combines the benefits of massage therapy with those of essential oils, reflexology and aromatherapy in a unique way capable of completely balancing our nervous system and emotional state. But do you know what the best part is? The effects of the invigorating massage, energy and good mood can be felt for 3 days. Try it now and say goodbye to daily stress.

Contraindications: skin diseases, allergies

30 minutes / 120 RON

50 minutes / 180 RON


Are you looking for a gentle massage, but with healing effects for your body? Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of superficial massage, applied to the surface of the skin which consists in performing light maneuvers and pressures, specific to intensify the circulation of lymph and encourage its natural drainage. Lymphatic drainage has a prophylactic purpose and helps eliminate toxins from the body, becoming an excellent accompaniment in detoxification programs. Due to the slow pace and gentle execution, lymphatic drainage promotes physical and mental relaxation, promotes the elimination of excess water and is recommended for curing edema. Choose to heal gently!

Contraindications: severe inflammatory processes, metastatic recurrences

50 minutes / 180 RON


Do you feel that the appearance of cellulite has negative effects on your self-confidence and your body and do everything possible to hide it? With this anti-cellulite massage is no longer the case. Besides the fact that you will get a smoother skin and a more beautiful appearance of the skin due to the elimination of fluids associated with the formation of cellulite, you will be able to enjoy other benefits such as: improving regional blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, improving skin elasticity and tone. improving the health of subcutaneous tissues. It’s time to feel comfortable in your skin.

Contraindications: varicose veins, metastatic recurrences, capillary fragility

50 minutes / 180 RON

75 minutes (massage the scalp, soles, palms and feet) / 240 RON


Are you looking for an extraordinary massage that includes a variety of techniques? Balinese massage with bamboo sticks is the right choice for you. This type of massage is a holistic treatment for the whole body, using a combination of Deep Tissue maneuvers, lymphatic drainage maneuvers and light joint manipulations, flexions, extensions, tractions and pressures using bamboo sticks to bring a feeling of well-being, calm and deep relaxation. Moreover, Balinese massage is a perfect treatment for regaining harmony between body and mind. Don’t miss the opportunity to recharge with positive energy and vitality.

30 minutes / 120 RON


Have you ever thought that emotional blockages are physically housed in your body, starting with the digestive system? It is not in vain that it is said that we must “digest” our emotions. According to the philosophy of the Far East, all tensions and negative feelings accumulate in the abdominal region, and a blockage in this region stops all energy, reducing a person’s strength and vitality by weakening his internal organs. Although this type of massage is recommended against digestive problems such as constipation, bloating and gas, its benefits are not limited to the physical body, but extend to healing emotional imbalance, regulating organ energy and improving your overall well-being. Your healing begins with this massage, try it!

Contraindications: people who have had recent surgery in the abdominal area

50 minutes / 180 RON


Have you ever heard of the famous Chinese proverb that says a smile comes from the feet? Reflexology is based on the same idea with the aim of eliminating energy blockages and tensions at certain points and implicitly some organs that are affected due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Thus, by massaging the key points on the surface of the soles or palms, the body detoxifies and begins to heal, and you regain your smile.

Contraindications: pregnant women, people at risk of bleeding, open varicose veins, open wounds, severe irritation.

75 minutes / 240 RON


You are one massage away from an excellent condition. Our proposal? To choose boldly. Volcanic stone massage of Indian origin is a relaxing treatment, very coveted, due to the profound effect it induces. Warm basalt stones have a high level of iron and magnesium, fluidize blood circulation and cellular metabolism, help detoxify the body and create an almost perfect hormonal balance. This type of massage is based on the existence on the human body of energy channels called meridians and energy centers called chakras, its beneficial effects being attributed to the balance of vital energy. What do you say, dare you?

Contraindications: arthritis, tendonitis, diabetes, anemia

50 minutes / 180 RON


All the worries of the day disappear the moment you sit down on the massage table and surrender to the experienced hands of the therapist. That’s right, nothing works like a good massage to refresh and energize you for the rest of the week. But what happens when a classic relaxing massage can’t cope with the deeper pain of your body? It’s time to move on. Deep tissue massage dares to reach places where regular massage fails, being ideal for muscle tension, contractions and painful blockages. The relaxation of the whole body is achieved by the slow and deep movements of the therapist with the forearms, fists and elbows. Are you ready to help your body recalibrate?

Contraindications: varicose veins, cardiovascular problems, joint injuries

30 minutes / 120 RON

50 minutes / 180 RON


Do you experience pain, muscle contractions or tense areas that do not allow you to smile? If the answer is positive, then we recommend the therapeutic massage, adapted to your needs. Therapeutic massage has a different rhythm and duration, as well as a personalized degree of pressure with beneficial effects in muscle relaxation, improving muscle tone and flexibility, accelerating blood circulation, improving heart function and creating a functional balance between organs. This type of massage eliminates substances that cause body fatigue, and the techniques used provide protection against the negative effects caused by tension or muscle cramps. Don’t let the pain ruin your day, you deserve to enjoy every moment!

30 minute / 120 RON


When was the last time you felt that you could not put into words the experience you had during a massage? Indian scalp massage is an incredibly relaxing therapy, practiced in India for thousands of years, which will give rise to a general state of well-being and an indescribable inner peace, thanks to repeated pressures on the energy points on the forehead, temples, neck and shoulders. . The gentleness with which this massage is performed will bring calm and clarity to your mind and will balance your energy flow. Are you ready to get the much desired peace of mind?

Contraindications: craniocerebral trauma

50 minutes / 180 RON

75 minutes / 240 RON


Are you looking to experience healing in an authentic way on the massage table? Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is known as the “loving hands” massage and is recognized in the modern world as a holistic therapy. This type of massage is more than a physical massage; it is a healing experience that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit, having a positive effect on all body systems. The massage works easily, but deep in the muscles, it is performed with slow extended movements of the forearms, being known for its beneficial effects in improving flexibility, reducing stress and balancing the body and mind. All that remains to be done is to let yourself be carried away by the nourishing touch of the therapist in order to reach clarity and relaxation.

50 minutes / 180 RON

75 minutes / 240 RON


Don’t know exactly which massage is right for you? Then intuitive massage is what you are looking for. This type of massage is a personalized treatment for you. The therapist is guided by the energy of the body to intuitively massage the physical source of pain or discomfort. Each therapist has his own style and that is why combinations of different techniques will be used, but which will bring you into a deep and relaxing healing space. Are you ready to leave yourself in the intuitive and healing hands of our therapists?

Package 5 massages – 10% discount

Package 10 massages – 20% discount


During a massage, your body enters a deep relaxation, while the mind experiences through the induced meditative state, the power of the present, and at that moment all that matters is to allow yourself to enjoy that natural state of well-being.

The personalized massage packages are specially created to fulfill any need or desire, our specialists are always close to you to offer you guidance and support in choosing the most suitable options for you.


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