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Medical treatments provide support to the body in the fight against toxins accumulated in everyday life, due to food and the stressful and polluting environment to which we are all exposed every day. Thanks to the talented people who devote themselves every day to the process of information and improvement of medical knowledge, our menu includes a wide range of treatments and therapies that will give your body exactly what it needs to function optimally.


30 minutes / 180 RON

Package 5 sessions – 810 RON (10% discount)

Package 10 sessions – 1440 RON (20% discount)


Sometimes the care you take is the motivation you can give to others. So, choose to give your body the care it deserves and share the well-being with those around you. Following colemia, the colon begins to function again in harmony with its nature, the body being completely detoxified and regenerated. How will you know it worked? You will immediately feel a state of relief both physically and mentally, an increased level of energy, but also a brighter skin. To enjoy all these effects to the fullest and over a long period of time, it is essential to engage in activities and programs that support health (hydration, physical activity, balanced diets). Through colema, achieving well-being by detoxifying the body has never been easier and safer. Don’t delay the amazing effects of Angel of Water!

This treatment is included with the Master Detox program for at least 7 days.

Contraindications: cancer, hemorrhoids, anal fissures

45 -75 minutes / 300 RON


Mental clarity, improved digestion, regularized transit and avoided constipation, an energy boost and a cleaner appearance of the skin are just some of the benefits that hydrocolonotherapy can bring to your body. Your body gives you so much, why not give it back? Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective detoxification treatments, being a natural method of deep cleansing of the large intestine through purified water that will restore the colon and body to normal functioning. Choose to give your body an hour of cleansing and enjoy, instead, a long state of well-being.

This treatment is performed in the presence of qualified medical staff who will take care to provide you with all the information and recommendations you need.

Contraindications: Recent abdominal surgery, colonic diverticulosis, colon cancer, bleeding hemorrhoids, anal fissures.

30 minutes – 120 RON

Package 3 sessions – 324 RON (10% discount)


Do you want to supplement your detox program? Then the use of the ozone sauna should not be missing from your program. Sauna increases the ability to remove, detoxify and cleanse the skin by stimulating the sweat glands and also promotes healthy skin tone and texture due to increased blood circulation. In 30 minutes, your lymphatic tissue is cleansed of toxins, and bacteria and viral infections of all kinds are eliminated. What remains to be done? Enjoy your birthday in a healthy body. Give your body the best!

Contraindications: thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism), post-hemorrhagic condition, strokes, hypertension, anemia, pregnant women, G6-PDH deficiency.

5 minutes / 90 RON


Do you want to have an unbeatable immune system? The probiotic implant and wheat juice make this desire possible, plus it can bring many other benefits. Extremely powerful formula for cleansing and nourishing the walls of the colon: 10 probiotics + 50 ml of natural green wheat juice (prebiotic), restores the intestinal flora to a state of balance for nutrient absorption, immunity, production of neurotransmitters (95% of serotonin occurs in the intestines) and for optimal intestinal transit. Come and recharge your batteries.

It is recommended that this implant be performed immediately after standard colonic hydrotherapy treatment for maximum benefits. Absorption in the colon is immediate and much more effective than oral administration.

30 minutes / 210 RON

Pack of 5 vitamins – 945 ron (10% discount)

Package of 10 vitamins – 1680 ron (20% discount)


Do you often feel exhausted during the day and it seems like nothing can help you? Fatigue is at the forefront of the symptoms that occur when your immune system is weakened. The fast, efficient solution with immediate effects? Infusion vitamin therapy. Our infusions contain vitamins (C, B1, B6, B12) and proteins (thiossen and glutathione) with an exceptional contribution in keeping the level of antioxidants and free radicals in balance.

If you are wondering why to choose infusions and not the usual pills, we tell you: intravenous administration avoids the digestive and hepatic systems, achieving a much higher rate of absorption and a direct effect on tissues and cells.

Come and we will take care of formulating your personalized cocktail for your health.

10 minutes / 90 RON

10 sessions – 720 RON (20% discount)


Do you want to enjoy a strong immune system? As insufficient oxygenation at the cellular level is the main cause of disease, but also of aging, ozone insufflations are known to improve tissue oxygenation to strengthen the immune system and a guaranteed well-being. Specifically, the ozone-oxygen combination is meant to oxygenate the blood, destroy microbes, bacteria and viruses, and restore local flora. The procedure consists of spraying 3-4 ozone puffs vaginally or rectally. It’s time to enjoy a natural state of well-being every day.

10 minutes / 150 RON (without interpretation)

10 minutes / 180 RON (with interpretation)


Do you often feel pain and numbness in your hands and feet? With quantitative results, SUDOSCAN allows the early diagnosis of neuropathy (especially small fibers) and the possibility of monitoring the effectiveness of specific treatment but also the progression of the disease. SUDOSCAN is a test that provides an accurate assessment of sweating function and has been used successfully in the early diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy, post-chemotherapy neuropathy, familial amyloid polyneuropathy, Fabr disease and Parkinson’s disease. The test focuses on the small nerve fibers in the peripheral nervous system that innervate the sweat glands, so early pathology of thin nerve fibers is detected early. The examination is easy to perform, short-lived (lasts 3 minutes), non-invasive, with a quick result in 10 seconds. Prevention is better than cure, act on time!

30 minutes / 250 RON

All Inclusive Package – 790 RON (includes Initial nutrition consultation -30 minutes, Personalized food plan – 50 minutes and Monitoring and control – 30 minutes)


When it comes to health and wellness (including disease prevention), eating healthy is the main factor that should concern us. Nutritional counseling brings a new perspective on the foods that work best for your body and can end the confusion on the multiple diets on the market. You are given a new chance to feel fit, energetic and confident in your body. Why not take advantage of it? Our professional nutrition and dietary services include: assessment of health and nutritional status, food survey, interpretation of biochemical data, assessment of anthropometric indices, personalized diet, diet therapy, program development and nutritional counseling and long-term monitoring. Let us help you!

1 h/ 450 RON


Are you looking for a thorough, in-depth and thorough assessment of your health? Then the integrative medicine consultation is exactly what you need. This type of consultation includes a detailed medical discussion, a physical examination and possible additional investigations, after which the doctor will prescribe a program based on a personalized combination of modern and natural treatments and recommendations for a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Although, integrative medicine consultation is recommended, especially for complex, multidisciplinary, unresolved medical cases, you can get impressive benefits even if your health is good and you are just looking for a detailed and complete check. Are you ready to feel good for a long time to come? Try now!

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