The inner beauty comes to light.


Every body is born with a natural beauty – so we want to cleanse, hydrate, regenerate or combat the signs of aging through modern rituals and anti-aging solutions. At the end of the facial treatment, the skin remains visibly firmer, velvety and radiant.


30 minutes (basic hyperbaric) / 150 RON

30 minutes (with cerum) / 220 RON

60 minutes (advanced) / 390 RON


How about giving yourself a new chance to feel fit and confident in your body? Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a facial treatment used in the most exclusive clinics and beauty centers in the world, and we put it at your fingertips. In addition to this method calms the skin and gives the skin a comforting feeling, the absolute novelty is brought by the hyperbaric oxygen device that ensures a very strong pressure and a very high purity of oxygen (98%), with healing and balancing effects on the skin. which treatment is applied, from the first session.

Our beauticians will recommend the right version for your skin after a facial analysis.

45-60 minutes / 360 RON

Package 4 sessions / 1296 RON


Treatments for the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin are beginning to be increasingly recognized as “fountains of youth”. Do you like how it sounds? Then Micropen treatment is for you. Micropen Eclipse is the newest and most powerful regeneration and rejuvenation treatment, being ideal for rejuvenating aged skin, reducing wrinkles, improving tone and soft skin, reducing the size of dilated pores, uniformizing skin color, pre and post cosmetic surgery care, treatment traumatic scars and stretch marks. Regain the youth of your skin!

Contraindications: rosacea, rosacea, pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, severe infections

60 minutes / 630 RON

Package 4 sessions / 2268 RON


Do you want to prolong the qualities of your skin right now? We have the solution. With PRP skin rejuvenation therapy you can benefit from results starting with the second week after the treatment session, being a procedure that uses its own cells to stimulate the natural healing of the body and the regeneration process of facial tissue. Don’t procrastinate, do something wonderful for yourself and your skin.

Contraindications: rosacea, rosacea, pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, severe infections.

15 minutes / 120 RON

4×15 minutes/ 432 RON ( -10%)


Are you ready to improve your beauty routine? Beauty begins at the cellular level. Microcurrent therapy is a very popular anti-aging treatment used to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and improve the appearance of the skin. What makes this treatment so special? The device’s biological microcurrent can replenish the skin’s electricity so that it stimulates the cell’s vitality again to make your skin brighter and more elastic. Choose to take care of your skin!

Contraindications: chronic skin conditions (hematoma, erythema, pruritus, infections) / diabetes / heart disease / history of strokes / people on anticoagulant therapy / pregnant and breastfeeding women / people with epilepsy and cancer / people with implants metal or metal braces

75 minutes / 420 RON

Package 3 sessions / 1134 RON (-10%)


How about you relax and we bring you shine? In a perfect combination of technical advancement and sensory pleasure, this treatment combines ultra-comfortable textures with high-performance active ingredients to bathe your skin in well-being and give it an absolute feeling of hydration. Moisturize your skin now for a brighter future.

Treatment pluses? A single treatment will give your skin up to + 71% hydration, and after three treatments you will be guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

60 minutes / 400 RON


True beauty is natural, imperfect and changeable. Therefore, it is normal for your skin care rituals to reflect this. Because aging is a natural process that must be embraced, we offer you an anti-aging facial treatment that combines exceptional products with the application methods of qualified beauticians to visibly stimulate the qualities of skin youth. Reconnect to your natural beauty!

15 minutes / 120 RON


Are you ready to compete with the bright sun? With the help of facial radiofrequency, your skin stretches without the dermis being affected, and collagen reserves are regenerated and new fibers are produced. Due to the collagen fibers, the skin regains its elasticity, firmness and has a toning appearance. Restore your confidence in yourself and your body! What are you waiting for?

Contraindications? skin infections, eczema, herpes or contagious diseases, pregnant women or nursing mothers, people suffering from cancer, heart disease, epilepsy have dental implants.

60 minutes / 80 RON


It’s time to show the world with confidence the perfect features of your face. Whether your face is round, square, oval or any other shape, the contours of the face line can be redefined and improved. With this treatment from Sothys, the session turns into a real moment of relaxation, and the results are amazing: stretched, toned and regenerated skin. Visible signs of fatigue? Forget about them. Choose to regain your perfect facial shape and supple face.

45 minutes / 210 RON


Visible signs of fatigue and aging are corrected immediately. The techniques used by the aesthetics team, together with the porcelain modeling tools specially designed by Sothys, give the eyes a firm and smooth contour and a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. Do not let small imperfections overshadow the prospect of a happy day. Try it on your skin!


15 minutes (facial)/ 120 RON

15 minutes (cleavage) / 120 RON

45 minutes (with mask) / 180 RON


You want your skin to always look young, don’t you? As you add years of life experience, various fundamental changes in the structure of your skin may creep in due to exposure to the environment, hormones, and naturally occurring changes. Microdermabrasion treatment is an excellent method of cleansing and exfoliating the skin, which removes impurities and dead cells from the first surface level of the skin, in order to improve the appearance and texture of the epidermis. Enjoy your youth again! It is now possible.

It is recommended 15 minutes of wet sauna before treatment.

Sun exposure is not recommended after this treatment.

Contraindications: severe acne, rosacea, rosacea, severe infections.

60-90 minutes / 260 RON


Although you are often tempted to try regenerating treatments from the comfort of home, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Atasagon, we use the synergy of advanced technology and the expertise of SOTHYS beauticians to ensure a safe and efficient experience. Following this treatment, your cells are renewed by removing dead cells with the help of exfoliating acids (glycolic acid and salicylic acid). Leave it in our hands and enjoy guaranteed results.

Sun exposure is not recommended after this treatment.

Contraindications: severe acne, severe infections


Remodeling procedures are safe and effective therapies with which you can lose those extra inches and decrease your level of adiposity. The main purpose of therapies is to reduce cellulite, reshape and redefine the figure. The toning and slimming effects are visible after a few sessions, leaving a slimmer figure and a smoother skin.


70 minutes / 210 RON

Package 6 sessions / 1134 RON (-10%)


Self-confidence is something we all struggle with, regardless of our age, and insecurity can have a negative impact on how we perceive our body. Whether it’s the excess weight you just can’t get rid of, the cellulite that makes you hide your legs during the summer, or the skin that has started to sag easily, body remodeling cavity can help. Nicknamed virtual liposuction, this therapy has an immediate effect on cm: it breaks down fat cells and sends them into circulation. Don’t wait any longer, try it on your skin.

For optimal effects, a 20-minute infrared sauna plus an anti-cellulite massage before the procedure is recommended, as well as light clothing such as leggings.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, menstrual periods, liver or kidney problems, varicose veins, metal implant, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, IUD.

30 minutes (arms / legs / abdomen) / 180 RON

60 minutes (combined body) / 270 RON


Beauty begins when you feel good in your skin, and for you that moment is now. As we move forward in life, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness, and sagging skin, fine lines and even deep wrinkles make their appearance more and more visible. Due to radiofrequency therapy it is possible to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Our beauticians use an ultramodern radiofrequency device to activate new collagen fibers in the skin, reduce cellulite, reshape and redefine your figure, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized. This therapy is also recommended for people with stretch marks.

For optimal effects, 20 minutes of infrared sauna plus an anti-cellulite massage before the procedure and wearing a swimsuit are recommended.

Contraindications: severe heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, kidney failure, metal prostheses, pregnancy and lactation.

40 minutes / 110 RON

Package 4 sessions / 396 RON (-10%)


Life is about embracing your imperfections and feeling confident in the skin you are in. Presso Symphony therapy helps you fight all the insecurities related to your body so that you can radiate in all your beauty. The pressure drainage device is a special suit that by alternating pressures and stages helps to press the ganglion chain, performing a lymphatic drainage in a comfortable and extremely pleasant manner. Are you ready to shine from head to toe?

For optimal effects, a 20-minute infrared sauna plus an anti-cellulite massage before the procedure is recommended, as well as light clothing such as leggings.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, chronic diseases, varicose veins, skin infections

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