10 tips for a calm holiday season without stomach aches

The Easter meal is fast approaching and you are thinking about ways in which to enjoy all of the delicious dishes without enduring stomach problems? Paradoxically, we normally do not agree with these excesses, and we try not to encourage them. With that being said, Romanians are very fond of the holiday season, and the avoidance of food excesses is virtually impossible. Consequently, we must be very careful about what and how we eat during this period in order to keep our bodies healthy.

How do we prevent indigestion?​

Stomach pains may seem trivial to some, but it can be very annoying when it occurs, and can cause much discomfort. Stomach pains are caused by intestinal gas, constipation, and spasms of the colon, all of which lead to bloating and the dilation of intestines. During the holidays, we are exposed to a greater volume of culinary temptations and excesses, and that is why Atasagon is here to offer you 10 tips and tricks to prevent stomach pains, or to relieve the first symptoms which come with it.

How to keep our weight and how to prevent stomach pain?​

1. Eat slowly and carefully, do not eat in a hurry. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to signal to the body that the feeling of satisfaction and fullness has set in. You do not have to eat all of the dishes, and if you do, take a little bit of everything, moderately.

2. Opt for breaks between meals so that the stomach can digest the previous dish. During these breaks, make sure to drink enough water!

3. Don’t skip pre-holiday meals while waiting for the delicious dinner. We know that traditional Easter meals are tempting, but that doesn’t mean that you have to skip breakfast or lunch. You can opt for lighter meals before the festive one, but don’t miss them.

4. Consume less alcohol; an excess of alcohol can be harmful to your health.

5. A simple trick you can use in order to consume less food, and avoid overdoing it is to choose a smaller plate. In this way, you can trick your mind, and ultimately limit the amount of food you end up eating, thus being less tempted to refill it one too many times.

6. Don’t eat too much fried food. Fried foods, when consumed in large quantities, can cause relatively severe stomach aches.

7. Combine your favorite Easter dishes with fruits and vegetables, pickles and salads. Desserts can be very tasty when accompanied by various fruits.

8. Drink a coffee after your meal. Coffee is a natural digestive stimulant and diuretic that helps burn fat, and curb hunger cues.

9. Hydrate properly, even during the holidays! Water cleanses your body of toxins, supports digestion, and encourages the feeling of fullness. If you want, you can also add a slice of lemon, for a stronger detoxifying effect.

10. Choose baked, steamed, or grilled foods over their fried, high in fat, and smothered in oil, counterparts. In this way, you effectively take care of your body during the holidays. Don’t forget to hydrate and eat properly, to not overdo it, and to constantly remember that this is a time when we all should be happy with our families and loved ones! Your health is our priority (Medical – Atasagon)!

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