How can you get rid of visceral fat?

Have you ever wondered what visceral fat is and how can you eliminate it

It’s located in the abdominal area and is extremely dangerous, since it is directly associated with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and more.

Don’t panic, there are ways to reduce it.

Here are the important things to keep in mind: sport, diet, hydration, sleep and stress management.

Studies have shown that the most effective way to burn visceral fat is through exercise. It is recommended to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, however to reduce visceral fat and achieve successful results you need to work out intensely.

The secret formula is to combine aerobic exercise (3 days) with power workouts (2 days) for best results. 

The diet is very important in terms of eliminating visceral fat. 

Pay attention to portion sizes and choose complex carbohydrates which you can obtain from vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as well as proteins from low-fat food sources (chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, skimmed dairy products, etc.).

Avoid simple carbohydrates such as sweets, pastries, white flour, sweet drinks and alcohol. Avoid unhealthy fats found in fried or processed foods. Replace them with healthy fats from nuts, raw seeds, avocados and olive oil.

Intermittent fasting is also a great alternative to try.

What does it mean more exactly? 

You can choose one of the options shown below that suits you the best:

  • Skip breakfast and just have lunch and dinner → x – lunch – dinner
  • Skip lunch and only have breakfast and dinner → breakfast – x – dinner
  • Skip dinner and choose to eat only breakfast and lunch → breakfast – lunch – x

Another option is the 24-hour fast, which is recommended once a week. You are allowed to drink only tea, water, or coffee (no sweeteners/milk).

It may seem hard at first, but with the right information and patience, things will get easier.

Hydrate properly with good quality water. 

It is recommended to drink between 30-40 ml/kg body weight. Of course you have to adapt your fluid intake according to your physical activity, environmental temperature, but also take into account your body conditions.

A good rest and sleep are very important for your body. 

Studies have shown that people who sleep 6-7 hours during the night have less visceral and abdominal fat compared to people who are not getting the necessary hours of sleep.

Stress blocks you from eliminating visceral fat, so you need to learn to manage and try to minimize the stress in your life.

Often unhealthy food choices are made from stress. 

What should you do?

Meditate, run, read a few pages, listen to relaxing music, go for a massage, etc. For sure these methods can help you eliminate excessive stress.

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