Before you start reading, just stop for a moment. Pause and think about when was the last time you really lived? When you did something just for yourself, something that made you happy and reconnected you with your inner self. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? If so, come and talk a little about this Forest Bathing, what exactly is and how it helps you. First of all, you should know that it’s an opportunity to take a break from the everyday life, slow down and connect with the nature.

We know, everyday stress gets to you and the time is running out, you’re in constant motion and you never reach your destination. However, remember that a day off can only benefit you and is an investment in yourself and your health, both physically and mentally. `Poalele Tâmpei` is the place to immerse yourself in fresh air for an hour, time to consciously connect with nature through your senses. Let your body guide you and feel the scent of the trees, the sunlight and the sounds of the forest. Let the fresh air cleanse your body.

Forest bathing is a concept propagated by the Japanese. They introduced this form of recreation into their national health programme in the 1980s. Now, after many years of careful research, we know that time spent in the forest reduces stress, anxiety, depression, anger and even agitation. Such activity has a powerful impact on the immune system, cardiovascular system and metabolism. Your body will also experience a host of other benefits from a Forest Bathing session, such as: 

  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Lower pulse and blood pressure.
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased concentration and confidence in your own strength.
  • Decreasing stress at work.
  • Increasing the number of cancer-fighting cells and white blood cells, lowering glucose levels in diabetics.
  • Cure depression. 
  • Decreasing frustration and improving meditative ability.
  • Strengthening health and building feelings of happiness and self-confidence.
  • Development of prosocial behaviour, manifested through generosity, empathy, agreeableness and helpfulness.

If you’re not a great at sports, don’t worry. Immersing yourself in the woods doesn’t involve any particular exercise, such as running or special exercises, but simply walking and contemplating nature, straight from its heart.

Let the forest tickle all your senses, because it has that gift. You can look and notice the trees, the colors and other details of the scenery, smell the scent of wood and experience the crispness of the air. Listen to the course of a river, the rustle of leaves or the song of birds that fill the forest. Use your sense of touch, allow yourself to experience the texture of trees, moss, leaves or stones.

This concept is a journey to rediscover the beauty of nature and yourself. Walk slower and do it in a mindful way so that you awaken all your senses. Offer to the forest all your attention as a gift you can rest under the refreshing shade of the trees, you can wash away all your negative and noisy thoughts in the rushing sound of the waters, and you can do various activities that calm you and bring you back to a state of fulfilment.

Why not give your body what it deserves and needs? You can feel the whole experience in our centre, in our detox programmes, every day.

Your body needs you! We are waiting for you in the Atasagon centre to take care of it.

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