Live food from nature for ease and vitality.


Raw food, considered at the same time a way of rediscovering and purifying one’s own person, is based on the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and oily seeds. Because the activities of enzymes are reduced when food is cooked, heat-processed food cannot provide the desired benefits in digestion or use. It changes the pH balance of food and makes it more acidic, turns easily absorbed minerals into inorganic minerals, difficult to absorb, destroys most vitamins.


The Raw Food Detox program is based on raw food, ie on the consumption of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, nuts and seeds. Foods in the Raw Food Detox program are processed at temperatures of up to 42 ° C. Fresh food is full of life and energy. Still unripe fruits or vegetables are alive and continue to ripen even after we harvest them.


Consumption of a large amount of water (alkaline with pH 9.5) is important to intensify the detoxification process by increasing the amount of toxins eliminated by the kidneys. Raw Food Detox is ideal for fasting periods. Within the program you can opt for a consultation with a nutritionist in order to obtain a personalized nutrition plan.

  • Body analysis – Tanita
  • Medical monitoring
  • Interpretation of analyzes with a nutritionist
  • Guided walks in nature
  • Presentations on various topics
  • Gym
  • Wet and infrared sauna
  • Library
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Comotherapy shower
  • Physical activities with instructor
  • Cheerfulness

08:00 Immune Boost Juice & Fruit Salad

09:30 Superfood Shots

11:00 Detox Soup

12:30 Raw Vegan Lunch & Electrolyte Drink

14:00 Detox Soup

15:30 Superfood Shots

17:00 Detox Soup

18:30 Green Salad & Electrolyte Drink

20:00 Green Energy Drink

21:30 Probiotics

Unlimited PH 9.5 alkaline water

Selection of herbal teas

Vegetable soup


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