Your body needs you. When are you really going to take care of it?

Choose to prevent with us!

Come to Atasagon in November and enjoy our offers.

✓ Get a FREE set of medical tests, plus EKG, with the purchase of a detox package worth 500 lei.
✓ If you have diabetes, you get a 20% discount on any Detox pack.

Want to be and feel safe? What are you waiting for? Come to Atasagon!

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Perfusable vitamin therapy.

Do you often get a cold when everyone around you is healthy? But not having the energy for your hobbies either?

It's very frustrating to face such problems. Both us and our customers have felt the same way for a long time.

Fatigue is at the top of the list of symptoms that appear when your immune system is weakened.

The quick, effective and immediate solution?

✓ Immunity Boost 5 Infusion Pack – 945 lei, reduced from 1050 lei
✓ Immunity Boost 10 Infusion Pack – 1680 lei, reduced from 2100 lei

Enjoy a boosted immune system and an unmatched overall health with Immunity Boost, the optimal formula of essential vitamins for the body.

Hurry up! The offer is limited!

Enjoy HAPPY HOUR every day after work

Daily, between 17:00-20:00 you can enjoy your favorite services with 30% discount.

What is included?

✓ SPA services
✓ Facial treatments

Call now to make your appointment!

*Seats are limited*

We value your health. We are continually researching and developing so that we can offer you the treatments and therapies that can contribute to your body’s renaissance. Moreover, your safety is our priority. All the services you will benefit from are performed by experts. Atasagon is the only complete detoxification centre in the country that includes procedures such as Angel of Water, Turkish Bath and Infrared Sauna.

All in one place: Professionalism, Quality and Safety.


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