The first nutrition and detoxification center in Romania.

We changed

lifestyles in 6 years of activity.


The founders and the visionary soul of the center

The choice of Brașov was not accidental for the opening of the Atasagon gates. Renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania, surrounded by mountain ranges and vast forests, Brasov presents the perfect invitation to disconnect, reset and revitalize. At the heart of the Atasagon story is the founding of a family. It all started with the passion of the founding doctor, specialist in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Dr. Alina Spinean. The combination of curiosity and the desire to try the experience of a renowned detox center led Alina to enroll in a detox program in Turkey. There she met her current husband, Muhammet Gurkan who was the manager of that center. Alina discovered on her own skin what benefits a detoxification program can have and realized how much we need this release of toxins that is often underestimated. Deeply motivated by her experience in Turkey, Alina and her husband decided to open a detox center in Brasov, her hometown. Since 2015, the two have taken on a responsible role in promoting a clean lifestyle through services and education, being dedicated to helping people improve their health and change their thinking about disease prevention. and interior cleaning. Laureate of the Gala of Excellence in Medicine, Innovation and Related Areas in the first edition, which took place at Stejarii Country Club on May 25, 2016, in Bucharest, the Atasagon Detox & Wellbeing team received the “Complete Detox & Wellbeing” Excellence Award Concept ”provided by Dr. Oz.


Making Health Your Habit

We aim to improve the lives of those concerned with body-mind-spirit balance through unique detoxification programs, signature therapies and specialized nutritional and medical counseling. Our mission is to inspire others to follow our example of making health a daily habit.

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